Welcome to The Prairie Cupboard!


We have moved to town and no longer have the farm. 

While this was a hard decision to make, it was the best one for our family. 

The good news is that we are still making amazing handmade goat milk soap!

Thank you for visiting my website!  We may be a small operation here, but our hearts are big.  My goal is to provide quality handmade goods at an affordable price to all.

My goat milk soap is made with milk from our very own Nubian doe.  Yep, we go out every morning and milk her. These soaps are made using the cold process method.  Using this method, they take about 4-6 weeks to cure.  This means that if I get a special request for a scent I am out of at the moment or a new scent altogether, it may take 4-6 weeks to fulfill.

All of our orders go out USPS Priority Mail. 

I hope you enjoy these products as much as my family does!

What we have:

Included in my line of products are foot scrubs, lip balms, lotions, bath soaks and goat milk soap.  Occasionally, I will add gift baskets to the site for ordering gifts during holiday seasons.

What is soap?

Soap is what you get after mixing goat milk (or water) with lye and adding that to oils, fats, and/or butters.  The process is called saponification.  People often have misconceptions about using lye in soaps.  They often think it is a harsh chemical that will hurt your skin.  While it is caustic by itself, when the soap is finished curing, the lye isn’t lye anymore.  I pH test each batch before releasing it for sale.

Why goat milk?

I chose to make soap with goat milk because I wanted to make a quality soap for my family.  One day, a friend gave my family some goat milk soap to try and it worked great for our skin. I realized that, hey, I have a goat, let’s give it a shot! It turns out, I’m pretty darn good at it.  I have always heard how beneficial goat milk can be for your body and started looking into all the ways it can be used. 

Personally, I have very dry and itchy skin as well as psoriasis, and one daughter with mild eczema.  I could not go even one day without putting on lotion or else my skin would hurt, especially where my clothes rubbed on it.  My goal, initially, was to make a soap that would make my skin feel so moisturized that I didn’t need a daily lotion anymore.

Mission accomplished!

This soap is not medicine.  It cannot cure eczema or psoriasis.  However, I can say that for my skin, it has been very calming, conditioning and soothing.  I no longer need a daily lotion for my body.  I have been able to use it as a hand soap, body soap, and facial soap with no drying effects.